Quality assurance

Quality Assurance Staff

Our Choctaw Defense Quality Staff has over 98 years of combined experience in Quality Assurance and over 87 years of experience in dealing with Military Equipment Contracts. This Quality Department staff has been directly responsible for all quality assurance checks and required testing on manufactured products.

ISO Certification

Choctaw Defense holds an ISO 9001:2015 certificate through third party Bureau Vitas. In addition to our Quality Assurance staff, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) has a Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) assigned locally to our production efforts. The DCMA QAR routinely performs process audits as well as source inspections if the contract requires “Inspection at Source”. 

Quality Inspection Process

Throughout the manufacturing cycle, our QA team performs routine process audits as well as product inspections. Quality Assurance technicians verify operator performance, training, and keeping as well as verify the use of the most current print revisions and product conformance in relation to the specifications detailed on the prints.

Choctaw Quality Assurance Technicians will subject the first completed unit, or First Article (FA), to any requisite testing to ensure the FA meets any and all product specifications as detailed contractually.  The customer will identify these specifications within a Statement of Work, Purchase Description, or within the body of the contract itself by reference to external standards.  The specifications may also come from various commercial or Government specifications or standards.  AWS welding standards would be an example of a set of specifications employed by Choctaw in its production efforts. 

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