Choctaw Defense utilizes a one-piece flow production methodology. We focus on continual process improvement through LEAN Manufacturing methodology and ISO compliant certified processes and procedures. LEAN Manufacturing principles are basic to Choctaw Defense manufacturing operations.

Our success in implementing and applying LEAN Manufacturing production principles to Government contracts has been proven by three successful LEAN Manufacturing production programs:

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mtvr trailer

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benefits of lean manufacturing

The LEAN Manufacturing process has allowed Choctaw Defense the ability to offer a quality product at lower prices by reducing seven forms of waste commonly found in the production process. Reduced waste equates to reduced cost and higher quality to our customers. 

We have ample floor space to house LEAN production lines in order to accommodate large production quantities at a very rapid but organized rate.

Lean-Flow Lane Jack

forms of reduced waste

We have reduced defects by standardizing the production process. Customized work stations, specialized tooling and standardized work instructions eliminates variation in the process. Reduced variation equates to reduced costs due to rejects and improves quality.

The design of the production process reduces waiting time. We balance the workload on each production line so that every station takes approximately the same amount of time. The elimination of waiting reduces labor costs and overhead absorption.

We take advantage of each employee’s skills. Cross training allows employees to broaden their skills thus, becoming adaptive to different manufacturing tasks, providing more flexibility to management and allowing the employee to thrive. 

Each production line is designed specifically to reduce the travel time and distance between components. Reduced travel results in reduced costs and increased production rates.

Our process reduces inventory needs through “just-in-time” inventory control. Since we do not carry high inventory counts, we reduce the high absorption costs associated with excess inventory.

Custom fixtures and work stations reduces repetitive motions an operator must perform during production. Less motion manifests itself in reduced costs. The process reduces variation as well. This results in increased standardization and quality.

We are continually working to eliminate excess processing. The timing of the process itself requires that the employee only perform value-added processing. We keep costs lower and quality higher through the elimination of excess processing.

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